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  • Composed of rusting components, squeaky servomotors, and worn plastic. Epsilon is a humble service robot. He was clobbered together by his long since deceased creator in garage decades ago. The vaguely human form of the robot the more of a series of plastic parts salvaged from other robots. The frame of which was a surplus military droid designed for combat. Most of that military function has been removed though. Epsilon has a human figure but does not have the features of a person’s head.

    Totally lacking a mouth, ears, or a nose, instead he has two long tubes the can move and twist around like a periscope. The head has dimly light ruby-red eyes with a lifetime’s worth of scratches. Instead of a mouth, he uses to speak of more of a speaker below the eyes.
    As a service robot Epsilon has a need for hundreds of different tools. He can change out his hands for specialized attachments for specific things. A screwdriver hand for undoing screws, human like hands for grasping things, just to name a few of many.

    Over the years Epsilon has had to fix himself and it shows. Fixing isn’t easy for him, as a mechanic specializing in gasoline cars. Alternative fuel vehicles have engulfed the auto industry in the future; work simply isn’t around for a service droid operating by his lonesome.

    The missing right arm is a prime example of the disrepair. He has resorted to a pulley system to move his fingers around. The motors in the joints have either ceased or barely move at all. A replacement for an obsolete servo would cost a fortune these days.

    • : Having four working limbs, fresh oil
    • : Broken machinery, any human music, which he calls “boring.”
    • : Illustration
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